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“We sat down on the balcony of Paradox Interactive's "GDC apartment" to talk to producer Mattias Lilja about the multiplayer in their upcoming tower defence title - Defenders of Ardania - set in the Majesty universe. Did we give them the idea of adding a "taunting tower"? If so, you know who to thank in the end.”

“Defenders of Ardania is pretty slick”

“... there is no shortage of heroism, bravery, and other virtues in the world of Ardania – rather, they are interpreted in a unique way. Those who like humour and fantasy will definitely find themselves at home in Ardania.”

“Executive producer spills beans - Gamereactor sat down with executive producer Mattias Lilja from Paradox Interactive to discuss the upcoming tower defence title set in the Majesty universe - Defenders of Ardania.”

“Gamereactor met up with Paradox Interactive CEO Fredrik Wester at the Paradox Interactive Convention  & asked him a few questions on the line up & gave him a quiz on the 8 games announced in NY - watch the video to find out if he remembers them all!”