Press Previews

"Placed in a magical and fantasy setting, Defenders of Ardania may appeal to tower defense fans, but expect a get a little bit more involved then a simple regurgitation of the genres regulars."


“"Ardania” brings competition to the tower defense realm”

“Indeed, Defenders of Ardania is doing tower defence in a very different way and it certainly makes for a refreshing experience.”

“I am really impressed with the quality of this lesser-known title and come December...”

“If you've been waiting to see what tower defense is all about or are a "TD" expert, Defenders fits the bill.”

“I was instantly struck by the quality of the graphics in the settings and units, but even more, an excellent narrator.”


"Defenders of Ardania is a striking videogame visually, with its intended pocket money price point belying its visual fidelity.”

“I like the presentation, in general, actually; the music is orchestral, and the voices of your advisor sounds like an impression of Sean Connery.”

“Defenders of Ardania looks set to grab the tower defence genre by the shoulders and give it a damn good shake.”

“It is easy to see what developer “Most Wanted Entertainment” is working toward – a blend of the best of tower defense games and RTS features.”

“…it certainly entertained us more than the garden variety of tower defence games that are out there and seeing as their number isn’t insignificant that’s something to be proud of.”

“You begin the game with Sean Connery shouting instructions at you.”

“I was quite proud of the moment I sold one of my own towers and nuked a key one of his to give my mass of units a clear path to his castle, then building that tower again before his units could do the same. You really have to use sneaky tactics to get ahead.”


“Ultimately the game will undoubtedly offer a nice inexpensive, casual change of pace from  the multitude of AAA releases heading our way and shouldn’t be overly demanding on most modern laptops/desktop hardware for you PC players.”

“[If] you decide to jump into the multiplayer front. Then expect a lot of strenuous button mashing!”...

"Defenders of Ardania quickly ramps up the action and keeps you immensely busy.”

“... Defenders of Ardania is something that I can’t help but like.”

"What I can say for sure it that the single-player is a blast."

“... the satisfaction that comes from finding yourself quickly and competently managing an effective tower maze while simultaneously plotting an unstoppable wave of infantry is an altogether unique experience.”

“All in all, Defenders of Ardania looks like it is set to offer a distinctive twist on traditional tower defense gameplay.”

“With the inclusion of online multiplayer, it could definitely find an audience with those of a competitive mindset who long to match wits with a live, human opponent rather than survive wave after wave of mindless AI controlled...

"Fans of tower defense games are in for a treat. Defenders of Ardania is about to work its magic on the tower defense genre in a way that will set the standard for new gameplay. Games of static defense can be great fun, but it is an entirely new experience to be able to manipulate the map, surprise and be surprised by an opponent, and unleash offensive actions, too."

“Paradox is taking a tower defense game and adding a little something to it, and the result looks promising“

“Its definitely a tower defence game that's worth keeping tabs on.”

“It could be one of the few rare branches on a fairly unremarkable tree that yields a noteworthy fruit.” 

“Defenders of Ardania is a well-made TD and RTS mix with some extra features, like spell casting.”

“If you like TD games, great stories, and moreover RTS games – you are going to love Defenders of Ardania!”

“After playing DoA, I forgot how much I just missed the defensive.”

"Paradox Interactive often refers to Defenders of Ardania as a next-generation tower defense. By the looks of it, I think it might be."

"Something also worth noting in this game, incidentally, is the fact that players can take on both the offensive and defensive. This provides a unique difference between the tower defense style games available on the...

“Defenders of Ardania hails back to previous games from the Majesty series and players familiar with elements from those games should gain greater experience from the universe involved.”


"The fact that there is an offensive element involved in the game adds to these interests, allowing an extra dimension to a genre, which tends to become repetitive and stagnant."
"I was intrigued by the beautiful and colourful landscapes, with fantastic attention to detail involved in all of the settings. I’ve...

“it’s a fast, fun, and engaging game all its own.”

"If you like tower defences or you’re just looking for a fairly easy going game with some great humour, this is definitely a game to keep an eye out for."

"Overall, by combining Tower Defence with RTS,Defenders of Ardania looks to be one interesting take on the strategy game genre."

"At times you can even forget your own name as you get so engrossed with growing an ever fearsome force to protect whatever sacred object/place/person the game has entrusted you with."

" looks as though Defenders of Ardania could bring a bit of extra depth to the oh-so-addictive tower defense formula."

“It's a rare occurrence that I get excited, not only about a Tower Defense game, but about an iPad game. Defenders of Ardania has me giving the genre and the platform both a second look as it pushes the boundaries of both.”

“Awesome towerdefense game mixed with RTS – Hands on”

“There’s a reason why at conferences like E3 2011, we make sure to not only meet with renowned iOS developers. Paradox Interactive is making their first foray with Defenders of Ardania, and boy does this not look good”

"This is a very impressive performance from Paradox, these guys are a core part of PC market and to see such an exciting line up of games really bodes well for the future."

“This classic tower defense game gets offensive.  Defenders of Ardania, by Paradox Interactive, is a beautiful looking game based off the lore from the Majesty series. If you have played any of Paradox’s other series, you may see many elements tied into DoA. The game has beautiful graphics and is remarkably crisp. The lighting, shadows, and many spells effects make great use...

“Paradox Interactive showed numerous exciting products at E3, including the PvP expansion for Magicka as well as a trio of strategy titles: Sword of the Stars II, King Arthur II, and Crusader Kings II. Rounding out the list is Defenders of Ardania, a tower defense game coming to PC, iPad, PSN and XBL.”

"Defenders of Ardania's unique gameplay sets it apart from other tower defense games." "In a way, Defenders of Ardania is a bit like the popular Defense of the Ancients modification for Warcraft III, except that there are no hero characters to slaughter neutral "creep" critters and pound on towers. Instead, there are just creeps and towers, and to win, your towers...

"Somewhat unique for the Tower Defence genre, you'll be controlling both offence and defence, making the game more closely resemble a RTS. There are a huge number of units for both attack and defence - 24 apiece - much higher than the typical number found in a tower defence game." "There's also a strong multiplayer element - up to four players, no less. Throw in the...

"It’s a pretty awesome rock/paper/scissors style gameplay you tend to find more in an RTS than a tower defense game, and a welcome change for an arguably stagnating genre."

"Half the challenge of defending it is finding Ardania on a map."

"Instead of just dropping some gun and laser towers in front of a defensible unit, players will be deploying troops to take on the opposing side. It’s a mechanic that is surprisingly fresh, making Towers of Ardania feel like a modification of an RTS." "The single-player game should offer good training for this offensive-oriented fantasy tower defense, and the multiplayer...